Where to go?
Published on November 17, 2007 By jelvis In Travel
So far I have only visited the US for two weeks in total, unfortunately only for work. The company I work for has a branch office in the US as well as a couple of production facilities but the only facility I visited was in Richmond, Virginia. Since I extended my stays over the weekend I got to visit both Washington DC and New York as well.

I have always wanted to take a vacation in the US travelling mainly by car. Since the dollar has lost a lot of value compared to the Euro and the Swedish crown, now is a good time to go for me!

Do you have any tips on great driving vacation in the US?

I will have five weeks of vacation and I am thinking about driving along the west or the east coast.

What would you recommend?
Are motels a good place to stay at? I want a clean, safe place without much luxuries, I would rather spend my money on food and excursions.
on Nov 17, 2007
Route 66! WWW Link
on Nov 17, 2007
But is it better than a driver across the west or east coast? It is a classic, for sure, but I need some help with a comparison.